Why is it Necessary to Learn and Utilize Mental Math?

In this new era where kids come into class with iPhones, calculators, and pocket PCs, not a lot of children will agree to take mental math classes. We are living in an age where computers and calculators help us tremendously in solving complex mathematical problems. Its easy to get lost in all the technology and forget why your kids need to memorize their multiplication tables. Because are crucial to a successful career and promising life. Here are a few reasons why its important for children to learn mental math.

1. Mental math encourages understanding and not just memorization.

Nowadays, students just want to cram information into their minds for a big test thats coming up. Because theyre not really understanding what theyre cramming in their minds, they forget it right after the test. Mental math helps to change that. For example, when youre adding 30 + 12 to make 42, students acquire a deeper understanding of the numbers. They understand that the 1 in 12 is not just a 1 but actually a 10.

2. It promotes logical thinking.

Students should definitely learn to do math mentally first because there is less room for error when youre first doing the problem in your mind. Because mental math makes students more aware of the numbers, this makes them question answers that dont look or sound right. By using mental math to solve a problem, children are first thinking about it, and this decreases the number of mistakes and unnecessary errors due to simply following a set of confusing steps.

3. It promotes confidence.

People are usually comfortable doing things that theyre good at. If your child believes that he isnt good at math, he will simply stop trying. Mental math motivates you to try harder. By giving you a deeper understanding of mathematical strategies, it boosts your confidence levels every you get an answer right. If you believe that you are capable of achieving great marks in math, then you will. Its a matter of mindset. Confidence is of utmost importance when it comes to mathematical success.

4. It helps you master the SAT

You might not like it, but you sure do have to live with it. The SATs are a core component for your college applications. Your mental math skills are critical when it comes to taking the SATs because firstly, calculators arent allowed so you will be at a serious disadvantage if you rely heavily on a calculator to help solve your problems. No matter your views on mental multiplication and division, you need to master it in order to race through the math section with ease. Mastery of mental math is critical for a high SAT score.

5. Practising during Mental math class helps you perform better on tests.

Even though calculators are allowed, mental math helps boost your confidence and increase your speed in solving problems. By doing this, youre giving yourself extra time at the end to double check whether youve made any silly mistakes. The ability to do mental math is ceaselessly advantageous.

6. It helps you make good first impressions.

If you want to make it in the business world, first impressions and perceptions are important. A terrific way to impress your co-workers is to command a great expertise with numbers. When your co-workers reach for a calculator to work put a problem, you could just calmly stand there and provide the right answer before theyve even had the time to start the calculation. By doing this, youre definitely making a smart first impression.

To be realistic, wowing your co-workers wont do much for the momentum of your career. But it will definitely help in greasing the wheels as you make your way down the career highway. People will respect you and you can use this respect to move forward in your career.