Guide for Choosing Childcare in Clementi

Clementi, one of Singapore’s neighbourhoods located outside the city centre, is popular with young families. This is likely because it is one of the places where the cost of housing is still low. However, as an education hub, Clementi has a large concentration of schools, including international schools. Childcare in Clementi is also in plenty. If you live in Clementi or its environs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Fortunately, choosing the ideal child care centre is much easier today than it was a few years back. In 2013, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) took over the responsibility to oversee all childcare centres in Singapore. So, all childcare centres are expected to meet acceptable health, safety, hygiene, and nutrition standards. 

Choose a childcare centre that is strategically located.

Childcare centres in Singapore cater for children below the age of seven years. Most provide infant care for 2-18 months old babies. The location of the childcare in Clement matters because you want your child to be within easy reach. You may opt for a childcare centre that is closest to your home or workplace. 

The staff-child ratio


Young children are always demanding attention for one thing or another. If you send your infant to a childcare centre, you want to be sure that he will be fed, cleaned, and put to sleep on demand. You don’t want your child being neglected because the caregiver is overwhelmed with the needs of the other children. 

ECDA recommends one caregiver for every five children. However, you will discover some facilities providing childcare in Clementi with a ratio of 1:3 for more personalised care. When searching for childcare services, consider your child’s needs and if a smaller caregiver-child ratio is preferred. 

Communication between administration and parents

Whether you have a child in childcare, preschool or primary school, you want updates on your child’s progress. Children undergo significant changes in the first few years of life. Unfortunately, some parents miss some of the stages of development if their children spend the entire day in childcare in Clementi, five days a week. 

Find a childcare centre, which as a rule, gives parents periodic updates on how their children are responding to the care they receive. Some childcare centres do much more than caregiving, especially for older children. For example, some introduce activities to help children develop physically and cognitively. 

You should also choose a childcare centre that readily accepts feedback from parents, both positive and negative. An approachable management and childcare giver will make the transition easier for your child. Should you have concerns or wish to complain, you will be more comfortable doing it with a management that is responsive to positive criticism. 

Additional services offered

Since ECDA has set basic standards below which childcare centres should not operate, various facilities find ways to offer parents something more. This is the only way to separate the best childcare in Clementi from other centres. If you want a childcare centre with the edge over others, you should look at how much more the centre has to offer your child. 

For example, some childcare centres appreciate that unique programs can be prepared for children of all ages. For example, a senses-stimulating program is ideal for all children, from the infancy stage. This helps to monitor a child’s developmental progress. Some centres have programs to meet the needs of children with special needs.  

Going the extra mile in your search for childcare in Clementi will ensure you get nothing but the best care for your child. Fortunately, Clementi has plenty of options for parents with children of all ages. Some even offer customised programs for parents whose schedules make it impossible for them to choose either the half-day or full-day program.