Benefits of Choosing Childcare in Serangoon

For years, childcare centres, preschools and primary schools have found their way into residential neighbourhoods in Singapore. The aim is to bring education closer to the communities. The situation is not any different with Serangoon, a residential area.

Five planning areas border Serangoon. These areas are set aside for Singapore’s urban planning framework. The advantage of having these planning areas close to Serangoon is that urban centres could be established. 

The result would be more quality childcare in Serangoon. If you live in this neighbourhood, there are several advantages to enrolling your child in a childcare centre close to home.

Traffic will not be an issue.


When you have to cover a long distance to drop and pick up your child from a child care centre, you will always worry about being late because of traffic. The situation can be more difficult if your child is on the full-day program, where he stays in the child care centre from 7 am to 7 pm. 

When you are always rushing to drop or pick up your child, you may not get the chance to observe changes in your child. Additionally, your child may be too exhausted to share quality time with you. By the time the weekend comes, you would have gone days on autopilot because of exhaustion. 

Choosing childcare in Serangoon means you get your child to and from the centre on time. You also get to visit the childcare centre, whenever you want, to see how your child is coping.

Your child is within easy reach.

If you counted how often your child hits himself against the door or the number of times he falls in a day, you’d probably be at it all day. Young children don’t usually have total control of their body’s movement and coordination. This is why they are prone to accidents.

Things will not be any different at the childcare centre. Accidents will happen. Hopefully, they will the usual minor knocks. However, if your child is in childcare in Serangoon, you can quickly get to him if there is an emergency. 

You are unlikely to change childcare centres.

If you have no intentions of moving from your current home, you are unlikely to change childcare centres, especially if you are happy with the childcare in Serangoon. Having your child in a childcare centre close to your workplace may be ideal at the moment. However, you will have no option but to move your child if you changed jobs. 

Your child would have greater stability if you sent him to a childcare centre near your home. Remember, your child will form a bond with his caregivers and other children. Sending him to another childcare centre will cause him to develop separation anxiety. 

Your child will be familiar with the neighbourhood.

Children tend to develop a memory after repeated actions done over time. Opting for childcare in Serangoon allows you to introduce your child to the neighbourhood. Before long, he will show signs of knowing the journey to and from the childcare centre. He will even know the landmarks, especially if he finds them fascinating. 

There are several advantages to choosing childcare in Serangoon. Fortunately, you have several options of childcare centres to choose from, so you still get the best child care for your child.