Guide to Choosing a Toddler Playgroup in Singapore

Most playgroups in Singapore offer half-day and full-day programs for children aged 18 months-30 months. The demand for playgroups has been growing over the years. There are several reasons for this. Singaporean households have been growing smaller, with more families having one child. 

Reputable playgroups in Singapore has become the ideal place for toddlers to interact with other children. In most homes, both parents work outside the home, so some prefer sending their toddler to playgroup while they work. 

Although people send their toddlers to playgroup for various reasons, all parents want to ensure their children are in a safe environment. What should you consider when choosing a toddler playgroup Singapore?

The reputation of the centre

Some preschools in Singapore offer parents the option of bringing their toddlers to playgroup. Some parents with preschoolers take advantage of the playgroup facility in the same kindergarten since they only need to make one trip when dropping the preschooler in school. 

If you only have a toddler and wonder which playgroups in Singapore to use, you can get reviews from parents who have toddlers in the playgroup. The reputation of the playgroup will make it easier for you to choose the best playgroup for your toddler. 

Distance from your home or workplace

When searching for a playgroup Singapore, you need to decide if you want one closest to your home or workplace. Remember, you are looking for a place where your toddler will spend a few hours a day. 

You don’t want to exhaust him with a long trip to and from the playgroup daily, especially if you are likely to be stuck in traffic. 

A playgroup is supposed to be convenient for the parent and toddler. Choose one that is in an ideal location. For example, you can get one close to your workplace so that you can easily get to the playgroup should there be an emergency. 

Do toddlers in the playgroup get priority in joining preschool?

Choosing a preschool and getting a slot for your child is a challenge for many parents. When considering toddler playgroup, it would be helpful if you thought ahead. Do you have a preschool you wish your child to join when he turns three years old? How easy is it to get a place in the kindergarten? 

Some kindergartens, especially those with limited spaces and great demand, prioritize children who attend their playgroup. Enrolling your toddler in a playgroup associated with your preferred kindergarten will make the transition easier for you and your child.  

Activities in the playgroup

Some playgroups in Singapore do much more than care for the child. Some introduce educational activities, so your toddler has the edge over other children when he joins preschool. Most of the toddler playgroup Singapore that have a mix of play and learning make playgroups attractive. 

You can also find out if they offer additional services, such as toilet training. Anyone who has had to toilet train a child knows it takes time and consistency. Since your toddler will be in the playgroup several hours a day and will likely meet other toddlers who are toilet training, this may be a great opportunity for toilet training your child. 

Some of the additional activities are offered at an extra cost. Find out what additional activities are offered in the various playgroups you have in mind before making up your mind. Today, playgroup Singapore is more than a caregiving service. Choose one that is most beneficial to your child.